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It is a kind of eye disorder caused by irregular eye diameters.

Causes Astigmatism?
Astigmatism is mostly genetic. It may also appear with myopia and hypermetropia. Some astigmatism also complains of headaches. Pain in the head and around the eyes, blurred vision, shady or double vision are the main symptoms. People with astigmatism both blurred or shady soon

The irradiation of the rays in the retinal layer cannot be focused on a single point and the scattering

How to Treat
The image can be clarified with the use of glasses and contact lenses, and myopia can be treated completely with the Excimer Laser method.

To get rid of myopia with laser treatment;

Above 18 years old

Number up to 10 in myopic eyes

In the last 1 year the eye numbers have not changed or changed very little

Keratoconus, retina and so on. have no other disease

Diabetes, rheumatism, such as systematic disease should not be. In addition, before the laser treatment, the person should be examined with the eye examination and the correct treatment method should be chosen. Shooting an elephant essay writing tips when writing the essay, you should realize that it is a critical one, where you are supposed to give a strong critique of the book in question.