Child Eye Health

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Diseases such as eye disorders, eye slippage, lazy eye and strabismus, which are not treated in time in children, may cause them to see less life-time, fail in their courses, sports activities and many areas of their lives.

Do not be late for the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases, do not black out your child’s future! Although there is no complaint, it is the ideal time for the first eye examination at 6 months for infants and 3 years at children. However, the ocular ophthalmologist (pediatric ophthalmologist) should be consulted immediately in the following symptoms.

Dimming or closing an eye

White or misty color

Keep objects close to the eye continuously

Don’t look at your head

Rub his eyes frequently

In or out of one or two eyes

Premature childbirth

Diagnosis of laziness in the family

Eye disorders in the family

To protect the eyes health of children in the age group of 0-16

Right after he was born,

At 6 months,

When person was 3,

Before you start school,

Every year during school,

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