Excimer Laser

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What is Excimer Laser ?

Excimer Laser is a high-tech product that rop reshapes mat the cornea with ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 193 nm and thus corrects myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Who can apply for excimer laser ?

Only qualified ophthalmologist specialists can do this.

Can any person requesting excimer laser be applied?

According to statistical data, excimer laser is suitable for approximately 85% of all patients.

What excimer laser is not applied to a person?

1. The cornea is very thin
2. Less tear of tear
3. If the increase in the eye number has not
4. If hypermetropia is too high
5. If you have high eye pressure
6. If you have diabetes,
7. If pregnancy or puerperium, birth control pill is used

What tests should be done to understand that a person is eligible for excimer laser treatment?

1. Biomicroscopy
2. Measurement of corneal thickness (pachymetry)
3. Mapping the corneal surface structure (topography)
4. Measure the eye number when the pupil is dripped with a drop of eye Eye pressure measurement
5. Eye examination (fundoscopy)
6. Measurement of pupil diameter in dim light (pupillometry)

No Touch Laser

No touch of laser or contact lenses before the no touch laser method, the classic laser treatments that have been applied for a long time should be touched. This may lead to anxiety in patients who prefer laser operation. The so-called TransPRK (No Touch) technique prevents this uneasiness. & Nbsp; Laser treatment with this method does not involve contact with the eye.