Eye Aesthetic

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What is Oculoplasty?

Oculoplastic surgery is the branch of ophthalmology which deals with eyelids, tear ways and orbital diseases.

Eye Aesthetics

Eye aesthetics surgery, eye area, eyelids, tear paths and orbita diseases are branched. In the eye aesthetics (oculoplasty) section, botox is used to remove wrinkles around the eyes.

Eye aesthetics operations can be applied to individuals of all ages who have been identified by doctors who are experts in the field. The aim of the aesthetic surgeries we practice in our hospital is to give the person a healthier and more natural appearance, and to make a person look at a much healthier and more vigorous appearance. Therefore, it is important that eyelid surgery is performed by oculoplastic surgeons who are close to the eyelid anatomy and know the principles of cosmetic surgery.

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