Color Blindness

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What is color blindness?

Color blindness is the disorder of the ability to distinguish colors. Color blindness is a common disorder, usually seen in boys. The most common type is that red and green cannot be distinguished. In rare cases, all colors cannot be distinguished and the world is seen as black and white. One in every 20 men and every 200 women has color blindness. It doesn’t really matter that many people are color blind.

Reasons for Color Blind:

The cause of color blindness is unknown. However, it is known that color blindness is a genetic disorder. A person who has color blindness in his family is more likely to be color blind. In some cases, color blindness may also occur due to nervous system diseases. In hereditary color blindness, there is no loss in vision.

Symptoms of Color Blindness:

The common color of color blindness, and usually from the birth in the left color blindness green, yellow, orange and red, is perceived in the same way and can be distinguished by the intensity of the individual colors. Although color blindness does not pose a major problem in daily life, it can lead to a decrease in quality of life. Particularly color-blind people may not be able to work in specific colors

Color Blindness Test
A colored human eye can detect and differentiate colors with a retinal layer. It is possible to see some colors or all colors in gray when there is a problem in the color perception in the retina layer. If you cannot differentiate between the colors representing the different numbers in the tests, you are likely to be color blind.

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