Vision Issues

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Eye Rays
The rays reflected from the objects in a healthy eye focus on the vision center of the eye and the person obtains a clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Hyperopia Eye
If the reflection reflected from the objects is not focused exactly in the center of vision but in the back, there is Hyperopia in the eye and the person is more blurred than his / her distance. can be completely cured by lasik method las

Myopic Eye
If the rays reflected from the objects are not focused precisely in the center of vision, there is myopia in the eye, and the people will soon see blurred.

Eye of Astigmatism
Lights Focus on two different points If the rays reflected from the objects due to deformation of the corneal tissue of the eye focus on two different points, not in the center of vision, an astigmatism defect occurs. The person cannot see clearly both near and far.

The damage to the optic nerve occurs with the increase of the pressure in the intraocular fluid. This damage is manifested by the narrowing of the visual field. receivable.

Cataracts occur in the eye of the natural lens by losing the transparency of opacification occurs. The person can not see clearly and fading in the color. Phaco (Seamless Cataract Surgery) treatment is performed successfully.

Macular Degeneration
In this disease caused by the deterioration of the structure of the macular center, called macula, on the retina, the person loses its central vision. As a result of research conducted in 2000, the FDA approved antivegf Laser method of treatment of some types of macular degeneration is being done successfully.

Flying Flies
If you see a number of shadows moving along with the movements of your eye, this is often due to the degeneration of intraocular fluid, which may be harmless or rarely the first sign of retinal detachment.

Retinal Detachment
Separated Retina The separation of the retinal tissue, which allows us to see it, decreases as the person’s vision suddenly closes with a black curtain. In such a case, urgent surgical intervention is extremely important in order not to lose sight completely.

Torn Retina
When a small puncture or rupture occurs in the retinal tissue, the person begins to see objects skewed and light flashes occur. This situation, which is noticed in the initial phase, is first secured by a simple Argon Laser treatment and surgery can also be applied.