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What is Hypermetropia?
Hypermetropia is known as the invisible disease among the public.

What Causes Hypermetropia?
Hypermetropia may be congenital, and may develop due to environmental and genetic factors. It begins with complaints such as pain around the eye, eye fatigue, blur, and distractions, which occur especially in long distance studies.

If the rays broken in the cornea and the lens focus behind the vision center, the eye cannot see clearly. This condition is defined as Hypermetropia

How is it treated?

The image can be clarified with the use of glasses and contact lenses and myopia can be completely cured by Excimer Laser. To get rid of myopia with laser therapy;
Above 18 years old

Number up to 10 in myopic eyes

In the last 1 year the eye numbers have not changed or changed very little

Keratoconus, retina and so on. have no other disease

Not having a systematic disease like diabetes, rheumatism

is required. In addition, before the laser treatment, the person should be examined with the eye examination and the correct treatment method should be chosen.